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LabaykAllahumaLabaykLabayk. La shareekalakaLabayk. Innalhamdawannimatalakawalmulk. La shareekaLak (Here I am at your service, oh Lord, here I am - here I am. No partner do you have. Here I am. Truly, the praise and the favor are yours, and the dominion. No partner do you have).

A desire of every Muslim to say these words at least once in their lifetime at Makkah. Feeling these word, repeating them and embracing them within, is a real pleasure seeking experience for Muslims.

Hajj is an act of soul purification, an act of rebirth and new beginnings. The history of Hajj goes as far to the time of 630 CE and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the one who established the present pattern of Hajj. Whereas Umrah is a pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year. Umrah is of high significance in Islam as it gives enormous rewards.

To make this ambition a reality in the most accessible fares, approach us!


Travels offers Muslims in the United Kingdom with different Packages of Hajj and Umrah. We have many years of experience in this field and are an awarding winning agent service provider. We offer you with different packages which suit best your budget.

We Believe:

we-beleiveOur team comprises of many employees around the globe. We strive to make pilgrimage of Haj and Umrah the most comfortable and memorable for you. We believe that people spend so much for their eternal peace and so they should be given best of services. Explore best Hajj and Umrah packages in the United Kingdom via our ultimate services.

Your safety is at high priority for us and we make sure that your travel and reach safe at your destination. Moreover we are linked with all the leading Airline companies, we guarantee you that our fares and packages are of lowest cost and are the best in the town. Our packages comprises of high quality services and best accommodations. We assure you that at no stage you will feel stranded or left alone, our guides make sure that all travels are in the group at all times. There is nothing much more important for us then your comfort, you trust us and we ensure not to break your trust.

About Our Packages:

about-tourWe have designed Hajj and Umrah packages with different categories, for both individually to facilitate you at maximum.

Please note that these fares are not fixed may change any time. We also give last minute discount offers, but only if there are seats left, hence it is advised to book early and avoid risk of not getting seats. It is also possible that not all of these packages be available at all times.

Contact Us:

For any queries you can contact us at the given number or Email us with your questions at info@jtravels.co.uk. We highly appreciate your comments and feedback, feel free to drop your comments at our website and rate us. You can also find us on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter and all others.contact bg