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Location: Skardu Valley &Deosai
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The Skardu Valley is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, at the junction of the River Indus and River Shigar and is encompassed by the vast Karakoram Range. With the close-by lakes and mountains, it is a critical vacationer area in Pakistan.

7 Day Tour Programme to Skardu

Pakistan tours limited offers a 7 day tour programme for Skardu, Deosai plains, Shigar valley, Khaplu, Kachura and Satpara Lake. They provide suitable accommodations, breakfast, transport and guide.

This tour starts from Flashman’s hotel in Rawalpindi at 9 o clock.

  • Day 1: Leave for Besham

After a 7 hours’ drive through Karakorum highway, the group will reach PTDC motel in Besham where the stay the night.

  • Day 2:Skardu

On day 2, after eating in the morning, the group will leave for Skardu and rest at the PTDC motel. After travelling for 13 hours’ drive and 530 km of drive, they will reach the PTDC K-2 motel in Skardu.

  • Day 3:Deosai plain and Satpara Lake

The day 3 consists of a day trip to Deosai plain and Satpara Lake. After visiting these, the group will drive back to Skardu and rest at the PTDC K-2 motel.

  • Day 4:Shigar Valley and Khaplu

This day brings an adventurous trip to the Shigar Valley. The next stop is Khaplu where the group will be provided with accommodation at PTDC motel after a drive of 4 hours.

  • Day 5:Kachura Lake

The next day, they leave early in the morning for Skardu from Khaplu and visit the Shangrila resort of Kachura Lake. The group will settle at the PTDC K-2 motel in Skardu for the night.

  • Day 6:Chilas

After staying the night in PTDC K-2 motel, the group is set to leave for Chilas. The day ends with a night stay in Shangrila Resorts in Chilas.

  • Day 7: Back to Islamabad

On the last day the group will leave early morning for Islamabad where the tour ends.