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Location: Gilgit- Hunza - KKH
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GilgitBaltistan is one of the most spectacular areas of Pakistan because of its scenic beauty. It is a heaven for mountain dwellers, trekkers, and fishers. There are a few vacation destinations near Gilgit; Hunza Valley, Gupis, Phandar etc.

8 Day tour package to GilgitBaltistan:

Pakistan Tours Ltd. Offer an 8 day tour package to Gilgit-Baltistan along with proper transport, accommodation, breakfast and a guide.

This 8 day tour starts from Rawalpindi in Flashman’s hotel.

  • Day 1: depart for Besham

At 09:00, the group will depart for Besham through the KKH, which is a 7 hours’ drive. The group will stay a night in Besham at the PTDC motel.

  • Day 2:Gilgit

After eating breakfast, the group will leave for Gilgit, which is a 9 hours’ drive, and stay at PTDC motel.

  • Day 3: Trout Fishing

The group leaves for Phandar at 8 o’clock. The tour further consists of a visit to the Handrab and Phandar Lake for trout fishing. Day three will end at PTDC motel in Phandar where they stay the night.

  • Day 4: Fishing and Sightseeing

This day will start with an early departure from Phandar to Gupis. It is situated along the River Gilgit and 112 km west of Gilgit. Activities like fishing and sightseeing will be held. The group rest the night in the PTDC motel in Gupis.

  • Day 5:Hunza

The group goes on an adventurous trip to Hunza through Gilgit early in the day. After reaching there, they will rest at the PTDC motel.

  • Day 6: Sightseeing at Hunza

At 09:00, they will depart to Hunza for sightseeing. The group will be guided to the central Hunza known as Karimabad, the upper Hunza and Gulmit. The day will end with a night stay at the same motel.

  • Day 7: Back to Besham

On Day seven, the group will leave for Besham in early morning and stay the night in PTDC motel Besham.

  • Day 8: Islamabad

They will leave for Islamabad the next day after breakfast and reach there after 7 hours, where the tour ends.